Most days Im not really hungry.

It’s true. I get up, I’m not hungry. I start doing stuff, I’m still not hungry. Only once in awhile will I feel what can only be described as a hunger pang in my pouch. Most times, not.

At some point during the day, I figure I need to make myself eat something. What to eat, though. Nothing sounds appetizing. Nothing looks particularly good. Eventually I’ll grab a can of Campbell’s soup (which I eat without adding water) or make up some tuna or chicken salad.

But it’s just eating for the sake of eating because I don’t want to be malnourished.

I’m not even tempted to eat cookies and god knows there have been plenty of opportunities around here.

In fact, last night I noticed there were four cookies left in the Freihofer’s chocolate chip cookie box. So I sat down with them to eat the first sweets in three weeks.
I ate the first one. Meh. I ate the second one. Still meh. I ate the final two. I figured that would be dinner. Afterall I wasn’t hungry, just wanted to see if chocolate chip cookies would taste the way they used to before my surgery. Nope.

It’s actually very strange. I was such a sweetaholic prior to my surgery, loving cookies, donuts, pie, you name it.

Now, I really just don’t care that much about it. Not even visually. I guess that change, in and of itself, was worth the surgery and will help stop a ton of calories from going in my mouth.

Oh boy. The constipation has gotten so bad. I tried having a bowel movement yesterday and couldn’t despite the length of time I sat and strained on that toilet. I’m worried about inflaming my hemorrhoids. That’s all I need.

I seriously cannot stand the pressure anymore. I need to get a laxative suppository to move this shit.

I go down to the store and buy some Dulcolax suppositories. Then I come home, read the instructions, insert one, and wait.

It’s supposed to work in 15 – 60 minutes.

I did have problems occasionally with constipation prior to surgery, but nothing like this. At least nothing like this since I was pregnant for my second and was taking pre-natal vitamins. Hmmm…

I did recently start taking my bariatric vitamins. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with this.

After 15 minutes, I head back upstairs to the bathroom.


That Dulcolax stuff works fast.

I’m going to add some fiber to my diet like I used to do prior to surgery. I still have some Fiber Plus bars. Tonight, I’m definitely eating one of those before I got to bed.