Gastric Sleeve Plication – Review of Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery.

If you are suffering from obesity, and you have tried everything under the sun from dieting to exercise to lose the unwanted weight, it might be time to look at the gastric sleeve plication surgery. Surgery is now a more viable option than ever for those suffering from excessive weight and obesity, and there are new techniques and procedures being performed now that are safer and more effective than the procedures of the past.

One such procedure is gastric sleeve plication, which replaces the vertical gastrectomy procedure. Gastric sleeve plication promises to be the safest such surgical procedure since it involves no implants, nor does it require any cutting of the stomach. Following is some additional information on this promising new kind of weight loss surgery.

  • The gastric sleeve plication is a cutting-edge new method, plus it is a terrific alternative for those individuals interested in a restrictive procedure of a bariatric nature. Unfortunately, no studies are available that show any results of this procedure over longer periods of time, but so far, it has shown results very similar to those resulting from the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. The procedure is actually quite safe, and it only takes about fifty minutes. As mentioned previously, one of the tremendous benefits of this type of surgery is that it does not require any stomach stapling or stomach cutting. Given the fact that the most dreaded complication of this type of surgery is a leak, gastric sleeve plication is a terrific alternative, since it completely eliminates the possibility of a leak happening. You should know that if you are considering a duodenal switch, a gastric sleeve, or a gastric bypass, leaks are possible. This is why the new gastric sleeve plication surgery is considered so safe.

Illustration of a Gastric Sleeve Plication

The initial portion of the procedure is accomplished in a manner similar to that of the gastric sleeve. In this beginning stage, the large, curved mass of one’s stomach is dissected from the greater omentum and various vessels. Once this is completed, a specialized tube is inserted which is designed to perform the act of plication. At this time, an initial layer of stitches is inserted. These stitches are followed by two additional layers of special sutures. This forms the actual sleeve plication.

Post Op Gastric Sleeve Plication Symptoms Include:

  • Reflux of the gastroesophageal system
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Saliva in excess amounts
  • Patients who are not local are recommended a two-night stay in the hospital

Some Gastric Sleeve Plication Advantages

  • The procedure is safe
  • Unlike gastric bypass, there is no dumping
  • Tremendous weight loss
  • No foreign bodies are involved
  • Procedure is done laparoscopically, which is less invasive
  • The possibility of leaking is eliminated
  • No adjustments are necessary
  • Port site infections are eliminated

Some Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Plication

*Questionable conversion to a different weight loss procedure
*Long term results are not guaranteed
*The option of reversibility is questionable

Overall, gastric sleeve plication is a very promising new technique in the field of weight loss surgery.